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Can a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment be Deferred?

When you declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court determines a set pay schedule for a pre-determined amount of time. In cases where unforeseen events cause major dips and dives in the income of bankruptcy filers post-bankruptcy, they can come up against a major problem: the inability to make the Chapter 13 payment. In this […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Halting the Garnishment of Your Paycheck

Bankruptcy petitioners always have a reason that they filed for bankruptcy. In every instance it was because they had too much debt to handle, but in almost every instance there was also that one last problem or situation that caused them to make the leap to petition the court for a discharge of debt. For […]

Filing a Bankruptcy Petition to Stop Wage Garnishment

Does filing a bankruptcy petition stop wage garnishment? Many who have or have had their wages garnished will eventually find themselves asking this question. The answer is yes. Stopping the garnishment isn’t impossible. It’s not even very difficult. But certain steps must be followed. Step 1: Complete the bankruptcy petition and required credit-counseling course. Step […]

Who Is Notified When You File for Bankruptcy in California?

Many individuals who consider filing for bankruptcy immediately start to worry about who will know that they have filed. They can’t help but wonder, who exactly knows when you file for bankruptcy? When you file for bankruptcy, the filings will become a part of the public record (as will most court records). Having said that, […]

Do You Feel “Stressed Out” by Your Finances?

Are your finances leaving you frazzled, exhausted and just plan stressed out? It’s time to get control and stop letting your finances control you. Your health could depend on it. It’s no secret that finances are a major stressor for a lot of people.   One of the most popular online health news and diagnostic […]

The Side Effects of Declaring Bankruptcy

Sometimes it feels like everyone, their brother, their third cousin and their stepmom’s boyfriend’s dog are checking out your credit report. On those days, bankruptcy can become a very touchy subject and may even touch parts of your life that never suspected it would come near. You could call it the side effects of declaring […]

So You Filed for Bankruptcy: Keep it Positive

So you just filed for bankruptcy. It happens. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sometimes, looking back, it seems as if it could have been avoided, but that’s a tricky thing because you can’t avoid something that’s already happened. So you’re right back to where we started. You filed for bankruptcy. It happened. There’s no question about it […]