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Do You Feel “Stressed Out” by Your Finances?

Are your finances leaving you frazzled, exhausted and just plan stressed out? It’s time to get control and stop letting your finances control you. Your health could depend on it. It’s no secret that finances are a major stressor for a lot of people.


One of the most popular online health news and diagnostic tool websites available ( indicates that individuals with a high stress level in connection to their finances often exhibit stress related illness: migraines, anxiety, depression…even heart attacks.


In a study conducted by Bailey, Woodiel, Turner and Young in 1998, 187 people were tested. 50% of the subject pool’s stress was directly related to finances and could be improved or alleviated simply through improving money management skills. This study was conducted years ago, but stress levels have only grown higher with the passage of time. People are still stressing out about money, or more particularly, their lack of it. 7 out of 10 people in today’s society are worried on some level about their finances (according to a casual online survey conduct amongst users).


Ignoring the problem is getting harder and harder. It’s probably time that we all took control of our finances instead of letting them control us. If your finances stress you out there’s only one thing to do. Take it one step at a time.


For some that one step is going to be a spending plan or a budget. It could be a plan for the month or the week, whatever works best for you. For some that first step will be simply creating an income/expense sheet so it’s clear how much money you bring in and how much your current lifestyle demands each month.


If you find that neither of these is helpful because your finances are so far out of control that there’s no way to dig yourself out, your first step may be to contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Westgate Law to find out if filing for bankruptcy is your best financial solution.


Regardless of where you start, remember that starting small is fine. Work in small steps to avoid being overwhelmed by too many changes at once. You’ll find that the more control you get over your financial situation, the less stress will play a factor in your life and your health.


Reduce your stress today by calling Westgate Law; we specialize in helping individuals just like you get a fresh start financially through bankruptcy. And there’s nothing more stress reducing than a fresh start.

About the Author

Justin Harelik

Justin has a singular goal: to get people out of financial distress and move them to financial stability and prosperity. He does this by combining 15 years of in-depth experience in bankruptcy, credit management, debt negotiation and student loan modifications, and he does it with both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

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