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I Have Been Sued. Now What?

Navigating a Debt Lawsuit

The feeling of “being sued” can be stressful. So many questions might run through your mind, especially if you’ve been sued for the first time. It can be unpleasant and immediately cause mental chaos.

But if you think only criminals have to face litigations, think again! A lawsuit against you can also result from a car accident, a family feud, or unpaid debt. So, ensure you don’t make things any worse than they already are.

It’s essential to understand that you might have received a notice, and there’s a specific procedure to resolve the lawsuit. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, assuming you may be in a serious, never-ending problem. It doesn’t help and only delays your willingness to resolve it.

In most cases, you’ll receive the lawsuit by personal service, meaning that you will be handed the paperwork by the company suing you (the plaintiff). You have 30-days’ time to file a written response (or get an extension to file a Motion to Dismiss) once the lawsuit is served.

But what most defendants (individuals being sued) don’t know is that the plaintiff can also provide you extra time if you acknowledge the service. Service means that the plaintiff believes they have correctly notified you of the lawsuit and will file a document with the court declaring proper service.

Delaying the lawsuit means the plaintiff will win without even doing anything. 

The best you can do is DO NOTHING but obtain proper legal advice. A skilled and trustworthy attorney can guide and advise you thoroughly. Your lawyer would also responsibly communicate with the plaintiff, which is a common courtesy amongst lawyers. Besides, even a judge looks favorably upon the party that does provide sufficient time to file a proper response. So it’s essential to acknowledge the lawsuit, and the other side will be more reasonable.

Getting Help

While you may be feeling a range of emotions, there are ways to minimize your stress and protect yourself from the legal hassles. Get professional assistance today – contact Westgate Law attorneys for a free consultation. 

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