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Who Is Notified When You File for Bankruptcy in California?

Many individuals who consider filing for bankruptcy immediately start to worry about who will know that they have filed. They can’t help but wonder, who exactly knows when you file for bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, the filings will become a part of the public record (as will most court records). Having said that, just because bankruptcy information is a public record doesn’t mean that your personal information will be accessible to anyone who would like to view it. In the majority of situations, the only way your friends and/or family will discover that you filed for bankruptcy is if you tell them yourself.

There are only three people/types of people who will receive direct notification that you have filed for bankruptcy: debtors, credit reporting agencies, and any ex-spouse who is due child support from you.

When you file for bankruptcy direct notice is sent to your creditors (and co-debtors if applicable). Your bankruptcy will also be reported to the major credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion and Equifax). Companies that run credit checks will discover that you have filed for bankruptcy because they will see it included in your credit report. If you have an ex-spouse who receives child support from you, they will also receive a letter that informs them of the bankruptcy. (It will also include information regarding what they should do if you do not continue to make the required child support payments).

If you need additional information regarding who is notified when you file for bankruptcy in California or to discuss how California bankruptcy law applies to your financial situation, contact the southern California bankruptcy experts at Westgate Law.

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