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About Westgate Law

Los Angeles Bankruptcy and Debt Attorneys

Westgate Law is a Los Angeles bankruptcy and debt firm, specializing in Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy, and bankruptcy alternatives.

When you select Westgate Law as your bankruptcy attorney, you’ll receive personal and direct service from one of Westgate Law’s experienced bankruptcy attorneys.

Westgate law has handled more than 7,000 bankruptcy filings in California and has consulted with more than 20,000 individuals about their debt. Larger firms will take your bankruptcy case (and your money) and then hand it off to a junior associate. Is that really the person you want working to secure your financial future?

We will personally guide you through the complicated bankruptcy process from start to finish. We’ll also help you stay on track after your case is finished. We’re not going to take your money, file your case and then disappear. We know that debt and bankruptcy can be difficult to deal with and we genuinely have an interest helping ease your burden.

Westgate Law will protect you from creditor harassment until your case is filed. We’ll represent you at your hearing and then handle any post-filing issues. Once your case is discharged, we’ll give you a program to get your credit back so you can buy a car or finance a home or education. No other Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney goes to the lengths that Westgate Law goes to assure your financial future.

If you’re facing financial distress, call us today. You’ll speak directly with one of our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys — not a receptionist or a junior staff member. We are available seven days a week for FREE consultations. Appointments are available on evenings or weekends.

Keep your home, vehicle and retirement accounts. Stop foreclosure, wage garnishments and creditor harassment. Get your financial life back on track.

Los Angeles Bankruptcy and Debt Attorneys

Our Three-Step Approach to Bankruptcy Protection and Beyond

Westgate Law has a three step approach to financial distress. We start by helping you come up with a plan to deal with your immediate debt crisis, either through bankruptcy, settling your debts or establishing a repayment plan with your creditors.

Then we work with you to execute that plan. After that, we stay with you forever to help you reestablish and maintain your credit, because having excellent credit is a critical component of building a great life for you and your family.

In short, our comprehensive service means we will be the last law firm you ever need to call. And that’s not an empty promise – we stick with you, and help you achieve your lifelong financial goals. Just try to find another firm that wants to work with you after your financial crisis is over! You can’t.

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