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My Ex Filed Bankruptcy and Left Me Holding an Unpaid Medical Bill

Throughout the normal course of life, many of us end up having major medical emergencies, chronic conditions, etc. These situations can leave behind heartache, pain, and…financial disaster in the form of massive medical bills. Sometimes this can lead to bankruptcy. In fact, major medical bills are one of the commonly cited reasons for filing bankruptcy. […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Social Security as Only Income

Bankruptcy is no longer dismissed by the masses as too extreme a solution to financial crisis. The masses are actually quite comfortable in modern society seeking out the protection that bankruptcy provides. Most are aware of the basic bankruptcy process and what it offers those in need of a clean financial slate. Yet there are […]

Bankruptcy Issues: Determining the Validity of a Debtor’s Settlement Offer

Many individuals considering bankruptcy have gone to great lengths to reach a more secure financial footing before they took that last step and obtained a bankruptcy attorney. One of the many options that can be useful for those attempting to avoid filing for bankruptcy is settling debts with creditors. This is the process by which […]

3 Tips For Dealing with the Emotional Strain of Bankruptcy

We’ve all had a stressful day at work or rough day at home with the kids or a huge pile of paperwork that makes us wish we were somewhere else. But these days are normal. Filing for bankruptcy is a different level of stress than a “normal” day. Bankruptcy is a process designed to solve […]

Weighing Your Options: Bankruptcy or Credit Counseling

Let’s take a minute to look at the consequences of bankruptcy versus credit counseling. You could run into several difficult situations resulting from either one of these choices. I’m a bankruptcy and I’ve worked with a lot of different people considering (and taking action to complete) one or the other of the two options listed […]

Drowning in Business Debt and Considering Bankruptcy

Opening a new business is one of the most exciting times of anyone’s life. The initial stages are full of questions you’re excited to answer and decisions you can’t wait to make. For some, this excitement continues as the business grows and the opportunity to succeed becomes more solid with every new day. For others, […]