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Bankruptcy Alternatives: Can I Transfer the Liability of an Auto Loan?

People will do a lot to avoid filing for bankruptcy. And as an experienced southern California bankruptcy attorney, I am in full agreement. It’s always best to do everything you can to take care of your debt and financial liabilities without filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is a legal protection for those who simply […]

Addressing the Consequences of Fraud with Bankruptcy

The majority of card fraud occurs in the United States. In fact, research conducted by Barclays indicates that 47% of worldwide card fraud occurs in the U.S. even though we only claim 24% of the worldwide card volume. In 2014, 31.8 million U.S. consumers had their credit cards breached. That is three times the number […]

Bankruptcy Issues: Determining the Validity of a Debtor’s Settlement Offer

Many individuals considering bankruptcy have gone to great lengths to reach a more secure financial footing before they took that last step and obtained a bankruptcy attorney. One of the many options that can be useful for those attempting to avoid filing for bankruptcy is settling debts with creditors. This is the process by which […]

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Attorneys

For those of you that are familiar with my previous columns, you’ll remember that I’ve written quite a few articles on credit counseling and also that I do not like credit counseling. “Sure,” I hear you say, “Of course a bankruptcy attorneys don’t like credit counseling. It’s the competition!” And yes! I do not like […]

Bankruptcy Options: Including Closed Accounts in Bankruptcy

There are many benefits of filing for bankruptcy. It’s a serious remedy to a serious problem. Some consider filing for seemingly nominal reasons. Luckily, most of these will reconsider due to the fact that bankruptcy is not an easy process without repercussions. It is an effective process that should be used only when it is […]

Avoiding Bankruptcy and Repossession

If you are thinking about declaring bankruptcy, take some time to consider your entire debt. Consider all your options. Talk to the experts on the subject. Weight the options to determine if bankruptcy is the most appropriate choice. It could be that your situation would be handled better using a different solution. When possible, it […]

Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?

Losing your parents can be extremely difficult no matter how old you are, but when you lose a parent when you are grown, many find themselves with additional responsibilities. In some instances, they will find themselves responsible for caring for their remaining parent who is now grieving. Some discover that their remaining parent is left […]

Thinking About Filing Bankruptcy: The People Who Should File

Layoffs, pay cuts, foreclosures…there are so many reasons for the drastic increase in debt burdened Americans who are toying with the idea of filing bankruptcy. Some are filing personally and some are filing for their business. In the fiscal year ending September 30th, 2008, the number of filings reached 1 million. This was a 30%+ […]

Does Filing a Business Bankruptcy Hurt My Credit Score?

When times get difficult for a business, it seems as if closing the doors and shutting down the business should be simple. But when the business has credit cards with balances and vendors that are owed money, it can get confusing for those who are considering filing for a business bankruptcy. It’s hard not to […]

Stop RV Repossession by Filing for Bankruptcy

Is it possible to prevent the bank from repossessing a recreational vehicle (RV) by filing for bankruptcy? Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes it possible to save your home, but can it do the same thing for an individual or family who uses their RV as their primary residence? Can a Chapter 7 bankruptcy protect […]

Does it Make Sense to File Bankruptcy Due to Identity Theft?

In many instances of identity theft, the victims aren’t aware there is a problem for months or even years after the problem starts. The longer the problem goes on unchecked, the more severe the consequences can get. Many victims find themselves with frozen bank accounts, drastically increased interest rates on credit accounts, increased minimum payments […]

Filing Bankruptcy Without Involving Your Spouse

In some instances, it makes sense for individuals to file bankruptcy as a couple. In other situations, it makes more sense to have one spouse filing for bankruptcy. Luckily, bankruptcy law allows spouses to file bankruptcy separately, but it’s impossible to keep a spouse completely “out” of the bankruptcy proceedings. When one spouse is filing […]

Credit Cards and Bankruptcy – “Saving” Cards from Bankruptcy Discharge

Many southern California bankruptcy experts would argue that the single most important thing you need to do when considering filing for bankruptcy is STOP using your credit cards. The worst thing you can do for a potential bankruptcy case is to give the appearance that you are “running up” your credit account balances. Receipt of […]

Bankruptcy and Home Loans: What’s the Best Way to Save Your Home?

While divorce and separation are often caused by financial trouble, they can also lead to financial trouble. For instance, who keeps the house? Who makes the payments on the house? Who benefits from all the payments already made on the house during the years the marriage was intact? What happens when one spouse refuses to […]

Student Loan Debt Leading to Bankruptcy

Many college students end up with major debt when they step out of their commencement ceremonies. Out-of-control student loan debt is a major problem with rising tuition costs. Many parents of college students are even taking out parent loans to pay for their children’s college education. As an experienced southern California bankruptcy attorney, I see […]

Medical Bankruptcy: Is There a Way to Declare Bankruptcy for Medical Bills Exclusively?

If you find yourself drowning in medical bills without the money to clear the debt, you might be wondering if there’s such a thing as medical bankruptcy; a way to declare bankruptcy for medical bills exclusively. You wouldn’t be alone. In today’s world of soaring medical costs, drastically increased life expectancy, and decreasing availability of […]

Should I Declare Business Bankruptcy or Just Try to Pay Off the Remaining Debt Personally?

Starting up a business is a risk. Sometimes business is good, and sometimes it’s slow. Then there are the times when there’s no profit at all. If you’ve been left with a business with debts close to or equal to its assets, you might be having difficulty deciding if bankruptcy is the best option. It […]

How to Reestablish Credit with No Disposable Income

There are those who talk about the increased strictures that been put in place on credit in today’s market, but even after it became a lot “harder” to get credit…it’s still pretty easy. There are always companies willing to offer credit opportunities, even to those with little to no income. They’ll offer credit based on […]

Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling: The Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes it is comforting to approach a situation knowing the worst-case scenario. When discussing bankruptcy and credit counseling options, the first step towards understanding the worst-case scenario is to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve already taken the time to run through some of the many articles available to you, both online and at […]

Preparing for Bankruptcy: Voluntarily Closing Credit Accounts

If you feel you are considering preparing for bankruptcy, you should read testimonials submitted by other bankruptcy petitioners. You should also read material regarding the process of bankruptcy. You should know who the bankruptcy trustee is and what their job is in relation to your bankruptcy case. You should know all of your creditors, inside and […]