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Rebuilding Credit: Beware Certain Types of Credit Cards

Post-bankruptcy the main concern is rebuilding credit that was unavoidably affected by your bankruptcy. When you file, the bankruptcy is a public record and will be listed as such on your credit reports from all of the major credit reporting companies. It stays on the report for years and there’s nothing that can be done […]

Bankruptcy Eligibility: Do I Make Too Much Money?

If you are worried about whether or not you make too much money to file for bankruptcy, you should make an appointment to discuss it in detail with an experienced California bankruptcy attorney. There are some guidelines that you can consider in order to get an idea of whether or not your situation would qualify, […]

The 4th Step in Becoming Debt Free in 2015: Your Time on Stage

Once your bankruptcy case is filed, you’ll be surprised how quickly and smoothly the process moves along. Remember that millions have filed bankruptcy before you and the process has been fine tuned into a streamlined process. Tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases are handled per month in each state across the nation. I approach bankruptcy […]

Becoming Debt Free: Your Third Step

The third step in becoming debt free is to file for bankruptcy. The fact that they call it “filing” takes away from the excitement of the idea, but it’s a big day for you! Your bankruptcy attorney will file your bankruptcy electronically so it can be submitted anytime 24/7. The electronic process also means that […]

The First Step in Becoming Debt Free is to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Far too many New Year’s resolutions are related to improving the financial situation. If you find yourself making the same resolution to get out of debt year after year with little to no change in your total amount of debt, it’s time to approach it more practically. The first step in becoming debt free is […]

Celebrate 2015 by Getting Out of Debt

It’s only a month until we’re irrevocably living in the year 2015. A new year calls for new goals and new plans and in some cases – an entirely fresh start. If you have decided 2015 is your year to be debt free you need to prepare now. In most cases, debt has accumulated over […]

When Does it Make Sense to Delay Filing for Bankruptcy?

Many will tell you that you should never delay filing for bankruptcy and the logic behind this type of statement makes sense. If you know that you are buried in an amount of debt that you can’t conceivably recover from, delaying can only mean that the mountain of debt will have time to grow larger. […]

Should Congress Rescind the Bankruptcy Provision Blocking the Discharge of Student Loans?

So many student borrowers are in default on their loans that many are beginning to demand why. What is it that is driving so many student borrowers to default on their debt? Students who pay for college with federal student loans can avoid default. If their situation is such that they are unable to make […]

Bankruptcy: Is That My Only Option or Are There Bankruptcy Alternatives?

Bankruptcy isn’t always the best answer in a financial crisis. When filing for bankruptcy, it could be necessary to risk non-exempt assets, certain debts may not be eligible for discharge, and in some cases individuals or couples may not even be eligible to file for bankruptcy. To ensure that bankruptcy is the best option for […]

Is There a Difference Between Credit Counseling and Debtor Education?

When filing for an individual bankruptcy, you need to complete credit counseling and debtor education. The two are distinct and fulfill different purposes. Some question the need for both and may even find themselves confused. What is the difference between credit counseling and debtor education? The most obvious difference is that credit counseling is completed […]

Recovering Funds Garnished or Levied Post-Bankruptcy

If, during the course of your bankruptcy, your bank account funds were levied, your paycheck was garnished, etc. you are probably hoping to recover the garnished or levied funds as soon as possible. Hopefully, your bankruptcy attorney advised you prior to handing your case that recovery of garnished or levied funds would require an uphill […]

Paying for Property Maintenance During the Bankruptcy Process: Is it Necessary?

One method of preparing for a bright financial future is to invest in real estate. As with any investment, there is always a risk for the investor. In today’s real estate market it seems that there have been many more people taking that risk and feeling the consequences of a downturn in the housing market. […]

Should Consumers Consider Paying Off Mounting Debt with Retirement Funds?

The best laid plans don’t always pan out. This old adage seems particularly true when it comes to planning a lifetime of financial health and security. Sometimes the economy has a way of pulling the rug out from under the feet of even the most stable individuals. In this situation, some consider cashing in on […]

New Rules Regarding Inherited IRAs and Personal Bankruptcy

Building financial security and providing for your children is a lifelong endeavor. Most spend a large amount of their time and energy and worry hoping to establish savings in hopes to leave their loved ones with a positive financial landscape when they pass. These efforts can be disrupted by certain legal actions, one of which […]

Identity Theft is One of the Leading Causes of Bankruptcy

Identity theft can lead to bankruptcy. It’s one of the leading causes of financial stress. As an ever-growing problem all around the world, individuals are finding it harder and harder to protect themselves against identity thieves who are somehow able to obtain personal information in order to open fraudulent bank and credit accounts. Individuals who […]

Protecting Assets in Bankruptcy with California Exemptions

Many assume that when declaring bankruptcy, all assets are lost to creditors. That’s simply not true. In many bankruptcy cases, debtors are able to keep everything and lose nothing (other than their overwhelming debt). Some or all of the filer’s assets are exempt. Exemption means that the specified property cannot be taken and sold by […]

Do You Feel “Stressed Out” by Your Finances?

Are your finances leaving you frazzled, exhausted and just plan stressed out? It’s time to get control and stop letting your finances control you. Your health could depend on it. It’s no secret that finances are a major stressor for a lot of people.   One of the most popular online health news and diagnostic […]

Improving Your Financial Health May Relieve the Stress that is Keeping You Up at Night

May is “Better Sleep Month.” If you have trouble sleeping you might want to take a quick look at your finances and consider taking steps towards improving your financial health. If they aren’t in order, you might want to take an in depth look if you’d like to get some more shuteye. Being financially healthy […]

Bankruptcy Isn’t Always the Answer

Bankruptcy has saved the financial of countless individuals. Some might even say that bankruptcy has saved the lives of countless individuals. Financial trouble is one of the main causes of stress, anxiety, marital problems, and divorce. It can even be put on the list of cited causes for suicide. Sometimes getting a fresh start without […]

Studying Bankruptcy Statistics

While debt and overspending are major American problems that seem to be leading more and more towards bankruptcy, the revolving credit account isn’t the main cause of this particular legal solution. The main reason people turn to bankruptcy in today’s society is not reckless abandon with credit cards, but severe financial hardship. A large number […]