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The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask at Your Initial Consultation

When filing for bankruptcy, petitioners have a lot on their minds. This is one the reasons that makes obtaining the best bankruptcy attorney absolutely necessary so you can be guided through the process as comfortably as possible. During your initial consultation with potential bankruptcy attorneys, ask the right questions so you have the right answers […]

Top 3 Alternatives to Bankruptcy

No one should take his or her decision to file for bankruptcy lightly. It’s a serious decision that should be given serious consideration. It will often seem like the best alternative for anyone who feels hopeless about their level of debt, but the repercussions of filing must be taken into consideration and weighed carefully against the pros. […]

Bankruptcy Alternatives: The Loan Modification

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you’ve probably heard of the loan modification. Many assume it is a positive alternative to filing. If you are considering obtaining a loan modification instead of filing for bankruptcy make sure that you discuss the details with an expert before taking action. Potential bankruptcy filers should know that […]