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Wage Garnishment After Filing for Bankruptcy

No one likes his or her wages to be garnished and everyone wants money that was garnished to be returned. Those are just the facts. But depending on when your wages were garnished, what stage of the transfer process the funds were at when they filed, and whether or not certain motions are filed, you […]

What Happens If Someone Has a Judgment Against Me from Old Credit Card Debt?

In some situations, unpaid credit card debt can lead to a lawsuit. The lawsuit could lead to a potential judgment. If someone has a credit card debt judgment against you, your wages, your bank account and your property are at risk. In California, the judgment rate of interest is set at 10%. (The judgment interest […]

Bankruptcy Basics: What is Wage Garnishment?

Individuals who consider filing for bankruptcy have many reasons. Some have experienced life altering career changes. Others have endured long term medical conditions resulting in astronomical, unexpected bills. Still others are simply aware that their credit card balances are never going to drop to an attainable level. And others are actually experiencing the pinch of […]