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Getting Divorced in the Midst of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Recently, I sat down in a consultation with a woman who was concerned about the status of her Chapter 13 bankruptcy in connection with a pending divorce. She wasn’t even sure how to ask the question, but after a bit of discussion we decided that what she really wanted to know was how do you […]

What Happens When You Miss a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as a reorganization bankruptcy. It allows people who see a regular income to create a plan to repay all or a designated part of their debt through the bankruptcy court and the assistance of a bankruptcy trustee. Under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor can propose a […]

Wage Garnishment After Filing for Bankruptcy

No one likes his or her wages to be garnished and everyone wants money that was garnished to be returned. Those are just the facts. But depending on when your wages were garnished, what stage of the transfer process the funds were at when they filed, and whether or not certain motions are filed, you […]

Planning Your Bankruptcy…and Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, hopefully debt and bankruptcy and financial trouble don’t need to be a part of the discussion. In a perfect world, the conversation would revolve around the flowers, the dress, the venue, the guest list, and…the wedded bliss soon to come! But sometimes, affianced couples DO have to worry about some of […]

The Meaning of Surrender in Terms of Bankruptcy

When you’re filing bankruptcy, the word “surrender” doesn’t actually mean surrender. Bankruptcy has a way of altering the meaning of words that we all think we know under normal circumstances and surrender just happens to be one of them. For instance, many bankruptcy petitioners surrender their car or their property. After telling the Court, the […]

Purchasing a Vehicle Before Receiving Bankruptcy Discharge

There are many bankruptcy petitioners who fear the consequences wreaking havoc on their ability to have a vehicle and stay mobile. Bankruptcy laws may leave petitioners aware that they can’t keep the vehicle they have currently (for a number of different reasons), but equally aware that they will need a car to get around. This […]

Bench Warrant Threats from an Old Payday Loan

If you have a company threatening you with a bench warrant, you may find that they don’t stop after they talk to you. They may also contact and talk to your family even though you didn’t provide that information or connection. They may attempt to contact you at work and freely talk to your co-workers […]

Bankruptcy & Debt: Do Judgments Expire?

Sometimes individuals may be unaware that there is a judgment out against them. In fact, this can go on for years. Eventually, they do discover the issue. Most will receive a letter or some other form of contact from an attorney advising them that they have a judgment against them. If the judgment has been […]

The Bankruptcy Process: Chapter 13, Foreclosure & Chapter 7

There are several things you must consider before walking away from your home after filing Chapter 13. In a Chapter 13, your mortgage payments are rolled back into the loan, making the mortgage current. This is called a loan modification – eliminating any past due payments. The bankruptcy trustee assigned receives payment from the individual […]

Do Lease Agreements Typically Prohibit Future Bankruptcies?

When your business moves into a new place, it’s normal to be required to sign a lease. Sometimes the lease can seem skewed to protect the rights of the landlord – and that’s because they’re basically risking their property by agreeing to lease it to you. On the other hand, you aren’t risking much by […]