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What to Say to Future Employers About Bankruptcy

There are many issues regarding filing for bankruptcy in southern California. There are just as many issues regarding recovering from bankruptcy and moving on with your life. For instance, in the years after you’ve filed for bankruptcy, you may find yourself in the position of looking for or applying for a new job. At this […]

Does it Make Sense to File Bankruptcy Due to Identity Theft?

In many instances of identity theft, the victims aren’t aware there is a problem for months or even years after the problem starts. The longer the problem goes on unchecked, the more severe the consequences can get. Many victims find themselves with frozen bank accounts, drastically increased interest rates on credit accounts, increased minimum payments […]

Credit Cards and Bankruptcy – “Saving” Cards from Bankruptcy Discharge

Many southern California bankruptcy experts would argue that the single most important thing you need to do when considering filing for bankruptcy is STOP using your credit cards. The worst thing you can do for a potential bankruptcy case is to give the appearance that you are “running up” your credit account balances. Receipt of […]

Bankruptcy and Home Loans: What’s the Best Way to Save Your Home?

While divorce and separation are often caused by financial trouble, they can also lead to financial trouble. For instance, who keeps the house? Who makes the payments on the house? Who benefits from all the payments already made on the house during the years the marriage was intact? What happens when one spouse refuses to […]

Judgment Liens and Mechanics Liens

If you filed for bankruptcy and noticed after the fact that there is a lien on your property resulting from a debt to a creditor originally listed in your bankruptcy, there is action you can take. The first step is to identify what type of lien is in place. There are two types of liens: […]

Obtaining a HELOC to Improve Your Credit Post Bankruptcy

Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy and received a discharge of your debt, you need to attempt to rebuild your credit. If you own your home, you might wonder if it’s possible to obtain a home equity line of credit (HELOC). You might also wonder if doing so would help you to improve your credit post […]

Receiving Collection Letters Post Bankruptcy

When a creditor does not properly cancel out an account that is listed in a bankruptcy discharge, filers who have received a discharge of debt may receive collection letters post bankruptcy. If you find yourself receiving collection letters post bankruptcy, remember that this is common and easily addressed. Sometimes accounts that you failed to pay […]

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?

When your home is in the foreclosure process, you might be tempted to panic. You may feel like you don’t have any options. Many have been in this same situation, and there are options out there. The trick is deciphering between the options and pinpointing the one that will be best suited to your situation: […]

What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy?

Many worry about their living arrangements post-bankruptcy. What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy? Will you be able to buy a home in the future if you’ve got a bankruptcy on your record? Will you be approved for long-term lease agreements even though you’ve filed for bankruptcy? Addressing the Urban Myths on Bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Can the Lender Be Forced to Remove an Ex’s Name from the Title?

Many individuals find themselves wishing there was a magical method to force a lender to remove an “ex’s” name from the deed to a house post-divorce. They find themselves unable to refinance even if the home was given to them as a part of the divorce decree. Some assume that they should be able to file […]

HELOC and bankruptcy: Negotiating, Foreclosing or Settling?

If you have questions regarding how filing for bankruptcy will affect your home equity line of credit, meet with an attorney and have HELOC and bankruptcy explained to you before proceeding. When you file for bankruptcy, the trustee reviews your case. If the trustee has no issues with your petition, you receive a discharge. This […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce: When Your Ex Files Without Adhering to the Property Settlement Agreement

So you filed for divorce. During the divorce process, a Property Settlement Agreement (also known as the Marital Settlement Agreement) was created detailing out the division of assets and liabilities. In this agreement, it’s common for the family home to be designated to one of the two parties. When this occurs, it is also common […]

Home Equity and Filing for Bankruptcy: Limited Protection for the Equity in Your Home

Before filing for bankruptcy, you’ll want to educate yourself on the laws concerning home equity and filing for bankruptcy. Due to the limitations on how much of your home’s equity can be protected through Chapter 7 bankruptcy (limitations vary by state), some bankruptcy petitioners find themselves in need of some cold hard cash in order […]

Bankruptcy and Credit Cards

When considering options prior to filing for bankruptcy, there is one basic concept that is frequently overlooked: ALL debt should be included in your bankruptcy filing. This holds true for bankruptcy and credit cards as well. Even after the question has been asked and answered many potential bankruptcy filers have additional questions. Questions I hear […]

Bankruptcy and Taxes

It seems that anything you do nowadays is going to have tax consequences, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that bankruptcy will have a few tax consequences of its own. Make sure you are informed about the laws regarding bankruptcy and taxes starting with noting down the difference between the consequences attached to each type of bankruptcy […]

When Does it Make Sense to Delay Filing for Bankruptcy?

Many will tell you that you should never delay filing for bankruptcy and the logic behind this type of statement makes sense. If you know that you are buried in an amount of debt that you can’t conceivably recover from, delaying can only mean that the mountain of debt will have time to grow larger. […]

Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy: The Fast Method

Everyone knows that a bankruptcy doesn’t destroy your credit forever. The mark only stays on your credit report for up to 10 years. Even while the mark is on your credit report, appropriate financial activity can improve your credit score to the point where you won’t notice the negative effect anymore. No one wants to […]

How Does Chapter 7 Affect an Irrevocable Trust to a Minor?

Individuals in financial trouble can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to wipe their debt slate clean. It provides a fresh financial start. Filing for Chapter 7 means surrendering control of your assets. Assets are managed by the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case and may be liquidated or sold in order to provide payment […]

Who Is Notified When You File for Bankruptcy in California?

Many individuals who consider filing for bankruptcy immediately start to worry about who will know that they have filed. They can’t help but wonder, who exactly knows when you file for bankruptcy? When you file for bankruptcy, the filings will become a part of the public record (as will most court records). Having said that, […]

Changes to Bankruptcy Filing and How They Could Affect You

There have been several changes to U.S. bankruptcy laws since 2005 that make it harder to file in comparison to years past. When changes such as this are implemented towards a process that was created to protect the average consumer from financial ruin, it’s important to know how they will affect you. If you are […]