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Bankruptcy Alternatives

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Attorneys

For those of you that are familiar with my previous columns, you’ll remember that I’ve written quite a few articles on credit counseling and also that I do not like credit counseling. “Sure,” I hear you say, “Of course a bankruptcy attorneys don’t like credit counseling. It’s the competition!” And …

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Steps to Filing Bankruptcy During an Impending Divorce

There are many things to consider when making major life decisions like filing for bankruptcy, especially in the midst of, or an impending divorce. Protecting your credit is very important during this time for your financial freedom in the future. If your name is on the mortgage loan and you …

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Obtaining Bankruptcy Protection

When a person needs bankruptcy protection, they often cannot afford to pay their attorney for filing the bankruptcy. In such a case, one could look to their family to assist them in paying these fees so that they can receive the protection they need. There is a possibility that a …

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bankruptcy alternatives

Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy: The People Who Should Not File

Filing for bankruptcy is a very useful way to gain protection from creditors and obtain a discharge of debt. But is it the best idea for everyone? Absolutely not; there are some who would be better off seeking out other options and bankruptcy alternatives. Who SHOULD NOT file for bankruptcy …

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Assets during bankruptcy

What Counts as an Asset to the Bankruptcy Court?

Some consumes fear filing for bankruptcy because of what they think the will have to give up. We all work hard for what we have. Even if what we have isn’t much, we still don’t want to have to give it up and start over. It makes bankruptcy seem like …

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Bankruptcy Issues

Bankruptcy Protection and What to Do When Creditors Ignore It

Sometimes creditors seem to completely ignore bankruptcy protection. For petitioners it can be extremely frustrating as one of the main benefits of filing for bankruptcy is to obtain relief from creditors seeking payment that isn’t available. When creditors ignore the protection provided by bankruptcy, there is action you can take. …

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bankruptcy code

The Proposed Bankruptcy Fairness and Employee Benefits Protection Act of 2014: Restrictions on Employers in Bankruptcy

Legislation that was recently introduced in the Senate called the Proposed Bankruptcy Fairness and Employee Benefits Protection Act of 2014 would limit the abilities of corporations who are in the midst of bankruptcy to alter the pay rate or benefits that is provided to employees and/or retirees of the company. …

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