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Bankruptcy Alternatives: Can I Transfer the Liability of an Auto Loan?

People will do a lot to avoid filing for bankruptcy. And as an experienced southern California bankruptcy attorney, I am in full agreement. It’s always best to do everything you can to take care of your debt and financial liabilities without filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is a legal protection for those who simply […]

Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy: The People Who Should Not File

Filing for bankruptcy is a very useful way to gain protection from creditors and obtain a discharge of debt. But is it the best idea for everyone? Absolutely not; there are some who would be better off seeking out other options and bankruptcy alternatives. Who SHOULD NOT file for bankruptcy protection: Daisy is a 31 […]

Bankruptcy: Is That My Only Option or Are There Bankruptcy Alternatives?

Bankruptcy isn’t always the best answer in a financial crisis. When filing for bankruptcy, it could be necessary to risk non-exempt assets, certain debts may not be eligible for discharge, and in some cases individuals or couples may not even be eligible to file for bankruptcy. To ensure that bankruptcy is the best option for […]

Bankruptcy Isn’t Always the Answer

Bankruptcy has saved the financial of countless individuals. Some might even say that bankruptcy has saved the lives of countless individuals. Financial trouble is one of the main causes of stress, anxiety, marital problems, and divorce. It can even be put on the list of cited causes for suicide. Sometimes getting a fresh start without […]