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California Bankruptcy: Can I Keep My Car?

If you file for bankruptcy, do you have to give up your car? This is one of the two most commonly asked questions by potential bankruptcy petitioners, the other being about the loss of the house. In some cases, the bankruptcy has been postponed out of fear of this particular loss. Maybe you’ve never been […]

The Meaning of Surrender in Terms of Bankruptcy

When you’re filing bankruptcy, the word “surrender” doesn’t actually mean surrender. Bankruptcy has a way of altering the meaning of words that we all think we know under normal circumstances and surrender just happens to be one of them. For instance, many bankruptcy petitioners surrender their car or their property. After telling the Court, the […]

What’s That in My Lease…A Bankruptcy Clause?

Would you ever consider signing a lease with a “no bankruptcy clause?” Does it help for me to tell you that doing so will not put you in danger should you reach the point where you need to file? I do have to say that any lessor who includes this in their lease is somewhat […]

Bankruptcy Options: Including Closed Accounts in Bankruptcy

There are many benefits of filing for bankruptcy. It’s a serious remedy to a serious problem. Some consider filing for seemingly nominal reasons. Luckily, most of these will reconsider due to the fact that bankruptcy is not an easy process without repercussions. It is an effective process that should be used only when it is […]

Preparing for Bankruptcy: Voluntarily Closing Credit Accounts

If you feel you are considering preparing for bankruptcy, you should read testimonials submitted by other bankruptcy petitioners. You should also read material regarding the process of bankruptcy. You should know who the bankruptcy trustee is and what their job is in relation to your bankruptcy case. You should know all of your creditors, inside and […]