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Bankruptcy Law

Can Bankruptcy Wipe Out All Your Debts?

Dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt can feel like a never-ending maze. At Westgate Law, we often encounter clients submerged in various types of debts and wondering if bankruptcy could be a lifeline. Robert, one of our readers, shares his concern with us: “I have debt in the form ...
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Bankruptcy Issues

Should You Opt for a 3-Year Payback in Bankruptcy for Quicker Recovery?

When faced with the daunting possibility of bankruptcy, understanding your choices is crucial. It’s a crossroads where financial realities meet legal obligations. Thus, making the right decisions can significantly impact your future. One of our readers sent in their queries inquiring about a similar instance. Harriet writes… “Is it better ...
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bankruptcy issues

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can it Save a Home from Foreclosure?

There are a lot of Americans who have, at one point or another, fallen behind on their mortgage payments. In some cases, the lender or mortgage company may consider working with the homeowner to work out a deal to catch up or get out of an upside down mortgage (i.e. ...
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bankruptcy issues

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions: Can I Keep My Car When I File?

One of the common reasons that people have for putting off filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy even though it is their only choice in their given financial situation, is that they want to keep their car. Most even go so far as to say that they NEED to keep their ...
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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Why is My Bank Account Still Frozen?

If you’ve filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you case is complete and you have received your discharge of debt, you’re probably dancing on the rooftop – or at least on a countertop! That is, unless you have lingering issues such as a bank account that is mysteriously still frozen. If ...
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Hanging Onto Your House When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The main concern of many bankruptcy petitioners is their home. They know that bankruptcy is their best (or only) means of solving their financial situation, but they don’t want to lose their house. Many are willing to go to extreme measures not to lose their home. Consider this real life ...
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automatic stay

When Creditors Ignore Your Discharge of Debt

The purpose of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to immediately enact the automatic stay and eventually obtain the discharge of debt. What happens when you go through legal channels to obtain both these powerful protections through bankruptcy filing and creditors ignore their legal implications? If you are being harassed ...
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assuming spouse’s debt

Planning Your Bankruptcy…and Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, hopefully debt and bankruptcy and financial trouble don’t need to be a part of the discussion. In a perfect world, the conversation would revolve around the flowers, the dress, the venue, the guest list, and…the wedded bliss soon to come! But sometimes, affianced couples DO have ...
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Purchasing a Vehicle Before Receiving Bankruptcy Discharge

There are many bankruptcy petitioners who fear the consequences wreaking havoc on their ability to have a vehicle and stay mobile. Bankruptcy laws may leave petitioners aware that they can’t keep the vehicle they have currently (for a number of different reasons), but equally aware that they will need a ...
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bankruptcy discharge

Signs That You May Be Headed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You may think that it should be obvious if you are headed for the type of financial situation that requires a bankruptcy filing. But in many cases, a number of issues come to a head at the same time, leaving consumers confused and unsure about where they are and if ...
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