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Determining Whether You Owe on a 2nd Mortgage Post-Bankruptcy

Was your home equity loan reaffirmed during your bankruptcy? Have you been making payments towards the debt religiously ever since your discharge without being sure if they are being applied or not? Do you actually owe the debt or was it included in your bankruptcy discharge? These are huge questions that sometimes get asked WAY […]

Walking Away from the House Post-Bankruptcy

“Walking away from the house” has become a common enough phrase that it is regularly bandied about amongst the public. This is a result of the recession in recent years that resulted in so many losing their homes, finding themselves upside down in their homes or considering moving out and stopping mortgage payments because it […]

Picking and Choosing: Bankruptcy & Creditors

When you file for bankruptcy, you do not have the choice of choosing which creditors to list in your bankruptcy – there is no picking and choosing! Your list of creditors should be all-inclusive even if you plan to pay them off yourself or even if they are not eligible for discharge. Student loans, delinquent income […]

Post-Bankruptcy: Rebuilding Your Credit

Credit rebuilding is of no small importance in the life of a post-bankruptcy individual. Many of these individuals, however, have trouble finding a substantial source of income and, therefore, they may believe they will have some difficulty rebuilding their credit scores. I could understand why one would believe this, but there’s hope. If you are […]

Refinancing Your Home Loan Post-Bankruptcy

A common problem many post-bankruptcy homeowners have is refinancing one’s home loan. Many people have approached me in a situation wherein their lender refuses to refinance their loan on the grounds that they did not reaffirm their loan post-bankruptcy, therefore, they claim, there is no loan. Let me take a few short paragraphs to explain […]

“Working a Deal” with your Mortgage Lender Post-Bankruptcy

In some situations, a mortgage lender will get in touch with a homeowner years after they filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy suggesting that they “work a deal.” Is it possible to work a deal with your mortgage lender post-bankruptcy? The quick answer is yes! It sounds like an appropriate time to apply for a loan […]

Post-Bankruptcy: Buying a Car to Rebuild Credit?

If you are planning to file, are currently filed or have recently filed for bankruptcy, you have probably spent some time worrying about how you will rebuild your credit post-bankruptcy. We were recently asked if purchasing a car to rebuild credit post-bankruptcy is a good idea. There are a number of methods you can use […]

Who Can Collect on My Home Loans Post-Bankruptcy?

After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you receive a discharge of debt. Many who do so, continue to pay their mortgage payments (and second mortgage payments) even though they did not reaffirm the debt during their bankruptcy. This means that they did not agree to continue paying according to the terms of the original loan. […]

Signing a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Post-Bankruptcy

For many, divorce seems to lead to bankruptcy. We’re not marriage counselors or divorce experts so we can’t really say if the prevalent number of bankruptcies after divorce is due to the divorce or if the divorce is due to the need for bankruptcy. Regardless, many find themselves dealing with both in a short period […]

Post-Bankruptcy: Who Pays HOA Dues if Bank Doesn’t Foreclose?

In some cases, bankruptcy can provide a discharge of debts and relief from heavy financial burden, but then a seemingly random debt or financial responsibility will seem to have escaped the bankruptcy process. For many this comes in the form of Homeowners’ Association (HOA) dues and assessments on properties that they no longer hold legal […]

Post-Bankruptcy: When is My Name Removed from the Deed?

Once you’ve filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and received your discharge of debts, your mortgage lender’s attorneys could still contact you even if you included your home in your bankruptcy. Such letters will often urge you to contact the lender for options: loan modification, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, forbearance, repayment, etc. If you find […]

Post-Bankruptcy: My Car is Paid Off, But I Have a Title Loan Against It

The first time I had a client advise me that their car was paid off, but that they had a title loan against it, I was a little bit confused. After wading through the confusion and ascertaining a few facts, the story became clear. Now that I’m an experienced southern California bankruptcy attorney, it’s a […]

Post-Bankruptcy: Can I Own Land in My Own Name After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Many filing bankruptcy wonder whether or not it’s possible to put property in their own name after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Others assume that there’s a waiting period for owning property in their own name post-bankruptcy. If you’re wondering how long you have to wait to put your name on property after you file for Chapter 7 […]

Reaffirming a Mortgage in Southern California

If you have filed for bankruptcy in southern California and you owned your own home when you did so, you may be wondering about reaffirming your mortgage. What does it mean to reaffirm your mortgage in Southern California? This means that you filed for bankruptcy and once it was completed, you decided that you want […]

Payday Loan Scams And Bankruptcy

Payday loan scams can happen both during bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy. They have become a problem over the last few years as they can get pretty nasty and very scary. Luckily, if you know what to look for, they are easy to recognize. The Payday Loan Scam: You have a payday loan or collection account either […]

Bankruptcy Protection and What to Do When Creditors Ignore It

Sometimes creditors seem to completely ignore bankruptcy protection. For petitioners it can be extremely frustrating as one of the main benefits of filing for bankruptcy is to obtain relief from creditors seeking payment that isn’t available. When creditors ignore the protection provided by bankruptcy, there is action you can take. For instance, creditors are required […]

Post Bankruptcy: Business Credit Cards and Personal Liability

When an individual files for bankruptcy both personally and for their business, credit accounts for the business that had the spouse’s name listed will sometimes come back for payment on the debt post bankruptcy. They’ll get in touch with the spouse who did not file bankruptcy. In some cases, even though the debt was included […]

Receiving Collection Letters Post Bankruptcy

When a creditor does not properly cancel out an account that is listed in a bankruptcy discharge, filers who have received a discharge of debt may receive collection letters post bankruptcy. If you find yourself receiving collection letters post bankruptcy, remember that this is common and easily addressed. Sometimes accounts that you failed to pay […]

What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy?

Many worry about their living arrangements post-bankruptcy. What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy? Will you be able to buy a home in the future if you’ve got a bankruptcy on your record? Will you be approved for long-term lease agreements even though you’ve filed for bankruptcy? Addressing the Urban Myths on Bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Can the Lender Be Forced to Remove an Ex’s Name from the Title?

Many individuals find themselves wishing there was a magical method to force a lender to remove an “ex’s” name from the deed to a house post-divorce. They find themselves unable to refinance even if the home was given to them as a part of the divorce decree. Some assume that they should be able to file […]