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Property Loan Modifications

There has been an evolution of the mortgage crisis. During the time of this crisis, many lenders were rejecting all loan modifications. Many clients were forced to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to attempt to save their homes and pay toward delinquent mortgages. Many could not afford the bankruptcy …

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Avoiding Bankruptcy and Repossession

If you are thinking about declaring bankruptcy, take some time to consider your entire debt. Consider all your options. Talk to the experts on the subject. Weight the options to determine if bankruptcy is the most appropriate choice. It could be that your situation would be handled better using a …

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Bankruptcy Alternatives

Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling: The Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes it is comforting to approach a situation knowing the worst-case scenario. When discussing bankruptcy and credit counseling options, the first step towards understanding the worst-case scenario is to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve already taken the time to run through some of the many articles available to …

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bankruptcy code

The Proposed Bankruptcy Fairness and Employee Benefits Protection Act of 2014: Restrictions on Employers in Bankruptcy

Legislation that was recently introduced in the Senate called the Proposed Bankruptcy Fairness and Employee Benefits Protection Act of 2014 would limit the abilities of corporations who are in the midst of bankruptcy to alter the pay rate or benefits that is provided to employees and/or retirees of the company. …

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Bankruptcy Issues

Know 6 Common Thought Processes that Increase Your Stress Over Money

Many experts suggest that money is one of the most common stressors for the modern American. For those who are thinking about declaring bankruptcy, the stress can reach astronomical levels and even begin to affect your health. If you find that money is still stressing you out even after you’ve …

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bankruptcy filed for retirees

The Baby Boomers and Bankruptcy in Retirement

It’s that time…the Baby Boomers are approaching retirement age. For a variety of reasons (medical expenses, declining home values, downturns in the stock market, etc.) many aren’t able to retire while maintaining a good standard of living. Some aren’t able to retire at all or they have to take a …

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bankruptcy courts

Maxing Out Your Credit Before You File Bankruptcy

There are certain times during which individuals or families might see a major influx of credit card spending: wedding preparations, moving from one home to another, vacations, the holidays, the start of a new school year, etc. It’s understandable and there are a million different reasons why: you don’t have …

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