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Converting Your Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7?

Talking to a bankruptcy attorney is imperative when considering converting a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7. There are many different issues you need to be aware of before you make this decision. If you are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy there is a possibility that converting to a Chapter 7 could be beneficial. Many states […]

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Attorneys

For those of you that are familiar with my previous columns, you’ll remember that I’ve written quite a few articles on credit counseling and also that I do not like credit counseling. “Sure,” I hear you say, “Of course a bankruptcy attorneys don’t like credit counseling. It’s the competition!” And yes! I do not like […]

Credit Counseling vs. Bankruptcy: Which Comes Out on Top?

Is credit counseling as damaging as a southern California bankruptcy? Almost every individual interested in bankruptcy and the discharge of debt that it provides approaches their bankruptcy attorney with this question before they file. It’s difficult to provide a standard answer to suit all situations, but most who are in search of this information will […]

Is There a Difference Between Credit Counseling and Debtor Education?

When filing for an individual bankruptcy, you need to complete credit counseling and debtor education. The two are distinct and fulfill different purposes. Some question the need for both and may even find themselves confused. What is the difference between credit counseling and debtor education? The most obvious difference is that credit counseling is completed […]

Credit Counseling vs. Bankruptcy

Nearly every bankruptcy consultation will eventually lead to one big question: Is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy a better option than credit counseling? It’s a big question with a big answer because they are both valid options and the only way to respond to the question appropriately is with a list of pros and cons.   […]