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What Happens If Someone Has a Judgment Against Me from Old Credit Card Debt?

In some situations, unpaid credit card debt can lead to a lawsuit. The lawsuit could lead to a potential judgment. If someone has a credit card debt judgment against you, your wages, your bank account and your property are at risk. In California, the judgment rate of interest is set at 10%. (The judgment interest […]

The 4th Step in Becoming Debt Free in 2015: Your Time on Stage

Once your bankruptcy case is filed, you’ll be surprised how quickly and smoothly the process moves along. Remember that millions have filed bankruptcy before you and the process has been fine tuned into a streamlined process. Tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases are handled per month in each state across the nation. I approach bankruptcy […]

California Bankruptcy: Reaffirmation Agreements for Mortgages

Bankruptcy filers who attempt to file a loan modification with their mortgage company after their discharge will often be met with the same negative response: an accusation of not filing the needed reaffirmation agreement during the bankruptcy case. Mortgage companies will claim that without having filed the reaffirmation agreement, the loan modification is not an […]

California Bankruptcy: Playing Favorites with Your Creditors

Many individuals in today’s society are far too reliant on their credit cards. At the very least, they view them as their emergency option. When declaring bankruptcy, the credit card safety net too many of us rely on is traded in for a complete discharge of the debt. It’s well worth it and easily replaced […]

Declaring Bankruptcy: What Property Can I Keep?

When filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, filers are allowed to keep all property that is classified as exempt from the claims of their creditors. Every filer should check with their bankruptcy attorney to verify the specific exemptions in their state before filing so they aren’t surprised by the details. Individuals who have less than 2 […]