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Increased Bankruptcy Filings as a Result of the Housing Bubble

Every American is aware of the housing bubble. We’re also aware of the fact that it burst abruptly and that it created a chain reaction of events that we would have all rather avoided. The price of housing isn’t all that changed when the housing bubble finally burst. We also saw record numbers of bankruptcies being […]

Getting a Home Loan Post-Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is not the end of your dreams of owning a home. Having a bankruptcy on your credit report doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a home. Individuals and couples who have gone through bankruptcy are highly encouraged to rebuild their credit post-bankruptcy by obtaining loans and taking on debt. Debt will be closely scrutinized post-bankruptcy. It […]

Bankruptcy and Your Home

One of the most important questions many have to ask themselves when they file bankruptcy is whether or not they should save their house. It’s safe to assume that most who are reading this are attached to their home – otherwise you wouldn’t be bothering with searching for this particular answer. Knowing that you are […]