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Bankruptcy’s Law of Preferences: Getting Garnished Wages Back

When in a tight situation financially, it can get to the point where you thought you could manage or catch up and suddenly, your bank account has been cleaned out and your wages are being garnished. This can be completely devastating as it leaves the individual (and sometimes family) without any means of immediate support. […]

How to File Bankruptcy: Proof of Self Employment Income

Anyone who files bankruptcy must include proof of their income in their filing. Most filers simply submit their pay stubs. According to Section 521 of the Bankruptcy Code, bankruptcy petitioners must send in a minimum of two months of “payment advices” (i.e. pay stubs) received from an “employer.” Bankruptcy petitioners who are self employed often […]

Will My Kids Have to Pay off My Debt When I Die?

There’s comes a time in everyone’s life when they consider the possibility of their death. When this time comes some are thinking about things they still want to do while others are thinking of tasks left undone. Some think of places they still want to go and things they still want to do. And sadly, […]