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The First Step in Becoming Debt Free is to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Far too many New Year’s resolutions are related to improving the financial situation. If you find yourself making the same resolution to get out of debt year after year with little to no change in your total amount of debt, it’s time to approach it more practically. The first step in becoming debt free is […]

Top 3 Mistakes People Make Before Filing for Bankruptcy: Avoid Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

Once you’ve made the decision to file for bankruptcy, it is usually best to take your time to ensure it is done right. It is very rare that a bankruptcy needs to be filed on an emergency basis. Unless you fall into this rare instance, take the time necessary to gather the required documents and […]

Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Taxes?

Bankruptcy is accepted in today’s social climate as a fairly common solution to financial struggle. Most are aware of the potential relief available through filing, but some are still unsure of exactly what they are allowed to include in their bankruptcy petition. For instance, a large number of potential filers are surprised to find that […]

Debt Collectors: Seizing Wages and Savings

When the bills are past due, the phones start ringing. Many consumers with past due bills will attest to the fact that it quickly escalates from friendly reminders to harassing telephone calls, emails, snail mail, and even, in severe cases, potentially scary in person visits to collect on a debt. Recently a new trend in […]