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Bankruptcy Basics: Creditor Access to Consumer Wages & Funds

When a consumer owes a debt, the creditor has the right to collect on the debt. When the consumer cannot pay the debt, there are a number of different scenarios that could occur. For instance, if it is secured debt, such as a vehicle loan, the consumer can return the ...
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Marriage and Bankruptcies Don’t Mix Well: Share Your Financial Information Before Your Wedding

Some might say that they never knew their loved one better than on the day they shared their vows. I beg to differ. I think many knew their loved ones the most on the day they shared their financial histories. My advice? Do the financial sharing prior to the sharing ...
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Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce: Time it Right

Bankruptcy and divorce are quite the pair. They often follow each other around like newlyweds. If you are contemplating filing for both bankruptcy and divorce, be aware that the timing needs to be right. Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Should Come First? Generally speaking, bankruptcy takes precedence over any divorce proceedings. ...
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