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Tricks to Rebuilding Your Credit After Declaring Bankruptcy

After declaring bankruptcy, your credit score will be seeing new lows. Some people find this extremely discouraging. It can easily be taken negatively, but when weighed against the benefits offered by filing, there’s no comparison. The best approach is to know before you file that you are going to immediately start rebuilding your credit once […]

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit?

Bankruptcy is not an easy way out of debt or a quick fix for financial woes. Following a bankruptcy, you will be ineligible for loans, credit cards and many other types of credit. Some envision the aftermath as tough and possibly not worth it, but individuals experiencing financial trauma should compare the aftermath of filing […]

Life After Bankruptcy: Step Four – Rebuild Your Credit with a Secured Card

Many feel that after they’ve declared bankruptcy their life will never be the same. They’re completely right. It will be better. All the troublesome financial difficulties that made the bankruptcy necessary in the first place have been taken care of. Your bankruptcy has given you a fresh start to develop a healthy financial outlook. What’s […]