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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Involved with Credit Unions for Home Loans

Working with credit unions when you are in good standing is great, however it is very difficult when you are behind on your loan payments.  They take it personally when a customer defaults on a payment agreement or the debt becomes discharged during a bankruptcy.  They have lost money when …

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Bankruptcy Issues

“Working a Deal” with your Mortgage Lender Post-Bankruptcy

In some situations, a mortgage lender will get in touch with a homeowner years after they filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy suggesting that they “work a deal.” Is it possible to work a deal with your mortgage lender post-bankruptcy? The quick answer is yes! It sounds like an appropriate time …

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Bankruptcy Issues

Who Can Collect on My Home Loans Post-Bankruptcy?

After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you receive a discharge of debt. Many who do so, continue to pay their mortgage payments (and second mortgage payments) even though they did not reaffirm the debt during their bankruptcy. This means that they did not agree to continue paying according to the …

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