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I Owe More Than My Motorhome is Worth: What Should I Do?

We’ve all made mistakes. And we’ve all made good decisions that in the long run, had negative consequences. No matter how we go about predicting the future: algorithms, statistics, tarot cards…sometimes we’re wrong because the future has a way of coming at you when you least expect it. Sometimes the unexpected comes back at us […]

Converting Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 Due to Divorce

If you are in the midst of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan and you find yourself facing a divorce, you don’t want to add to the emotional stress with financial stress that can be avoided. Divorce typically comes with some major financial changes: two households instead of one, spousal maintenance, child support payments, etc. These […]

Can I Pursue Payment on a Judgment Post-Bankruptcy?

There are a lot of questions that get asked over and over by people considering bankruptcy or petitioners in the midst of the bankruptcy process. They can usually be found on any bankruptcy lawyer’s FAQ page. Then there are the questions that I wish were asked more frequently. One such question is, “If I was […]

Bankruptcy Tips and Hints: How & When to File Bankruptcy

Debtors who decide to take that huge step called bankruptcy often make one common mistake – they rush. They turn that huge step towards financial freedom into a mad dash without even considering the consequences and potential changes to their life and goals. Bankruptcy protection offers a great solution for most struggling with overwhelming debt […]