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Can You Get a Loan Modification Through the Bankruptcy Court?

The process of obtaining a loan modification can seem impossibly difficult. Many individuals who are interested in filing for bankruptcy or have recently filed for bankruptcy have either already attempted to obtain a loan modification or are hoping to get one. It’s one of the methods that consumers can make use of when trying to […]

Bankruptcy and Your Mortgage: Questions Answered

No matter how thorough we think we are when it comes to discussing bankruptcy and your mortgage, there are bound to be more questions. But we’re talking about your home here. It may be where you grew up. It may be where you raised your own kids. It may the falling down heap you purchased […]

Bankruptcy and Home Loans: What’s the Best Way to Save Your Home?

While divorce and separation are often caused by financial trouble, they can also lead to financial trouble. For instance, who keeps the house? Who makes the payments on the house? Who benefits from all the payments already made on the house during the years the marriage was intact? What happens when one spouse refuses to […]

Bankruptcy Alternatives: The Loan Modification

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you’ve probably heard of the loan modification. Many assume it is a positive alternative to filing. If you are considering obtaining a loan modification instead of filing for bankruptcy make sure that you discuss the details with an expert before taking action. Potential bankruptcy filers should know that […]