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What Are the Ramifications of US Credit Card Debt if You No Longer Live in the US?

In a recent online discussion with a distressed woman, I was told the following story. A woman originally from Poland moved to the United States. She was married in the United States in 2009, but quickly realized she had entered into an abusive relationship and needed to get out and far away. Since she was […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can it Save a Home from Foreclosure?

There are a lot of Americans who have, at one point or another, fallen behind on their mortgage payments. In some cases, the lender or mortgage company may consider working with the homeowner to work out a deal to catch up or get out of an upside down mortgage (i.e. short sale or loan modification). […]

I Filed Bankruptcy…Can I Sell My House Now and Keep My Equity?

There are a lot of questions that need answers before the decision to file bankruptcy. There are a lot of questions that come up during the bankruptcy process. And there are more questions that crop up once the bankruptcy is closed and the discharge is received. One common “post-bankruptcy” question is, “Can I sell my […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions: Can I Keep My Car When I File?

One of the common reasons that people have for putting off filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy even though it is their only choice in their given financial situation, is that they want to keep their car. Most even go so far as to say that they NEED to keep their car. Some would argue this […]

Stopping Wage Garnishment During Bankruptcy

Wage garnishment can cause major financial trouble. For those already considering filing for bankruptcy, it can be a catastrophe. That’s why it’s so important to know your rights regarding wage garnishment, bankruptcy, and stopping wage garnishment during bankruptcy. If you have filed for bankruptcy and your wages are still being garnished, you most likely want […]

Having Your Wages Garnished for a Debt Discharged Through Bankruptcy

The purpose of filing for bankruptcy is to get out from under an impossible amount of debt. In fact, when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a successful ending will find the bankruptcy petitioner holding a discharge of debt that does just that. It discharges all eligible debt associated with the bankruptcy. When a debt is discharged […]

Can a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment be Deferred?

When you declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court determines a set pay schedule for a pre-determined amount of time. In cases where unforeseen events cause major dips and dives in the income of bankruptcy filers post-bankruptcy, they can come up against a major problem: the inability to make the Chapter 13 payment. In this […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Halting the Garnishment of Your Paycheck

Bankruptcy petitioners always have a reason that they filed for bankruptcy. In every instance it was because they had too much debt to handle, but in almost every instance there was also that one last problem or situation that caused them to make the leap to petition the court for a discharge of debt. For […]

Student Loans, Parent Student Loans & Bankruptcy

Many couples “help” their adult children. Some buy them cars, some provide down payments for cars or housing. Others pay cell phone bills. But one of the most common methods of financial assistance that parents provide their “grown up” children is with finances for college: student loans. In some cases, life can throw a wrench […]

Can I Pursue Payment on a Judgment Post-Bankruptcy?

There are a lot of questions that get asked over and over by people considering bankruptcy or petitioners in the midst of the bankruptcy process. They can usually be found on any bankruptcy lawyer’s FAQ page. Then there are the questions that I wish were asked more frequently. One such question is, “If I was […]

Protecting Your Partner from Your Bankruptcy Filing

Filing bankruptcy can affect anyone else who shares in a listed asset. You should consider this carefully before you decide to file for bankruptcy. You’ll want to do what you can to protect your partner’s good credit from the effects of your bankruptcy. The car and house must be listed when you file for bankruptcy. […]

Southern California Bankruptcy: How Exactly Does this Work?

Filing bankruptcy is intended as a protection for consumers from overwhelming debt. It seems simple at the outset, but it’s like having a house built. If you’ve never done it before, it seems like a simple concept. You look at them and then decide which one you like best and hire the builder to complete […]

Your Credit Union and Your Bankruptcy

Credit unions are allowed special circumstances in regards to a member filing a bankruptcy.  If debt to a credit union is included in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy there is no hope for continuing current or future association with them or any other branch whatsoever.  Eliminating debt during a bankruptcy with a bank does not mean […]

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on a Small Business

It is very courageous and ambitious to own a small business.  There are many risks involved.  Sometimes the risks pay off and sometimes a business owner is forced to close their doors due to financial hardship.  It may be difficult to recover the entrepreneurial spirit that you once had if you now are forced to […]

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to File Bankruptcy

Whether you have a history of eviction, credit card debt, a repossessed car, broken cell phone contracts, or unpaid hospital bills, there are many things to consider before filing bankruptcy. If bankruptcy seems like a good way to become unburdened from this type of financial past, which kind of bankruptcy is the right kind, 7 […]

Personal Bankruptcy: How Does it Affect a Trust?

When a trust is thrown into the mix, a personal bankruptcy can take on a whole different appearance. First and foremost, it is essential that you are aware of who is in control of the trust assets. Although you are able to file bankruptcy on your own, having an attorney to walk you through all […]

Will I Lose My Inheritance When I File Bankruptcy?

When you file bankruptcy, filers submit a budget and detailed explanations of all income and expenses. Everything must be very detailed, exact and thorough. In some cases, the financial details can change drastically after the bankruptcy is underway. For instance, a loved one could pass away and leave an inheritance behind. If you are in […]

Bankruptcy and Your Mortgage: Questions Answered

No matter how thorough we think we are when it comes to discussing bankruptcy and your mortgage, there are bound to be more questions. But we’re talking about your home here. It may be where you grew up. It may be where you raised your own kids. It may the falling down heap you purchased […]

Filing Bankruptcy Without Involving Your Spouse

In some instances, it makes sense for individuals to file bankruptcy as a couple. In other situations, it makes more sense to have one spouse filing for bankruptcy. Luckily, bankruptcy law allows spouses to file bankruptcy separately, but it’s impossible to keep a spouse completely “out” of the bankruptcy proceedings. When one spouse is filing […]

What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy?

Many worry about their living arrangements post-bankruptcy. What happens to my home if I file for bankruptcy? Will you be able to buy a home in the future if you’ve got a bankruptcy on your record? Will you be approved for long-term lease agreements even though you’ve filed for bankruptcy? Addressing the Urban Myths on Bankruptcy […]