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Bankruptcy Issues

Can the Trustee Come After My Assets when My Ex Files Bankruptcy?

When your ex files bankruptcy soon after the divorce, in some cases, the trustee will discover discrepancies in the handling of the marital assets. If they do, they could contact you regarding assets that your ex is entitled to that you may be in possession of in order to use …

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Assets during bankruptcy

What Counts as an Asset to the Bankruptcy Court?

Some consumes fear filing for bankruptcy because of what they think the will have to give up. We all work hard for what we have. Even if what we have isn’t much, we still don’t want to have to give it up and start over. It makes bankruptcy seem like …

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applied for another loan modification

Obtaining a Loan Modification After Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are in the midst of financial crisis and your main goal is to stay in your home, the first step is often to file for a loan modification. If you have approached your lender regarding a modification for your mortgage to no avail (possibly multiple times) it may …

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bankruptcy trustee

Bankruptcy and Property: Allowing a Home Included in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Foreclose

If you filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, included your home, successfully completed a few years of the agreed upon repayment plan, but now find yourself unable to make your modified loan payment, can you walk away from the home? Can a lender foreclose on a home included in a Chapter …

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bankruptcy case

Bankruptcy Proceedings: Does Filing for Bankruptcy Mean I Have to Go to Court?

Bankruptcy is a legal process so it’s not surprising that many consumers considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 worry about what will be required of them. First and foremost at the top of the anxiety list for many is one question: Will I have to go to court during …

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