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$795 Los angeles Bankruptcy Attorney


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5 Stars – Based on 110 User Reviews


*Final cost: $795 Attorney fee + Court Filing Fee, and (2) Financial Management courses required by law.

Tired of being harassed by creditors and worrying about losing your car or home?
If you’re suffering financial hardship, Westgate Law can help ease your burden and stress.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Also known as personal bankruptcy. It can help you stop garnishments, foreclosure, debt collectors and lawsuits. You must qualify, however. Whether or not you do is based on your income and your assets. Let us help you determine if you qualify.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Also known as reorganization bankruptcy and allows you to pay off your debts over a number of years. Is it the right option for you? We explain Chapter 13 in detail, how it works and how it can help you, plus how Westgate Law will help you after you’ve filed.

Bankruptcy Alternatives

We won’t railroad you into filing for bankruptcy. You may have other options including debt settlement or negotiation, credit counseling and hiring a law firm to represent you. We detail the positive and negative impacts of each bankruptcy alternative.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

Your Personal Representatives

Justin Harelik

Founder & Lead Bankruptcy Attorney

Practice Areas:
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Alternatives


Matthew A. Rosenthal

Senior Attorney

Practice Areas:
Consumer Protection Law
Repossession Law


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What Our Clients Say
google logoWestgate LawWestgate Law
5 Stars – Based on 110 User Reviews
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4.8 Stars – Based on 51 User Reviews
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4.5 yelp stars
4.5 Stars – Based on 32 User Reviews
  • One VERY PROFESSIONAL LAWYER AND TEAM! I just want to thank Justin and his team for making me feel stress free, thru this whole bankruptcy. Walking me thru this ordeal, in every aspect. For always answering any questions and my phone calls. For always keeping me informed, and making me feel like everything is going to be ok. Until the end of my bankruptcy. VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED, MADE THIS BANKRUPTCY EASY & STRESS FREE.

    Juju V.
  • They made the process super easy! Everyone was friendly. I got an immediate response on every question I had. Justin was up front and honest about the entire process. I really felt like a valued customer not just an easy check. I would highly recommend!

    Ashley A.
  • $18k gone … and now I can breath. Thanks be to the powers around me to have nudged me to take care of this right before covid-19 shutdown.Justin and his crew at Westgate took care of me with ease. If you are thinking of filing for Bankruptcy, call this little team and do what they say and you’ll be fine. I honestly tried to pay my bills to keep my credit score high, but with the high credit card interest rates I couldn’t. Now I get to start all over again without the struggle. Thank you Westgate Law.

    The M.
  • Absolutely timely, professional, and exceptionally helpful!

    William K.
  • Seriously, why look anywhere else if considering bankruptcy? Came for the low fee, stayed for the amazing customer service and attentiveness from Justin and everyone else in the office. I cannot thank everyone at Westgate Law enough for everything that was done for me. Can’t recommend enough. If I ever need to file for bankruptcy again (hopefully not), I am looking nowhere else other than Justin and Westgate Law!

    Alvaro L.
  • I have received advice and variety of services from this attorney during past 11 years and he has been always the best for me. Justin and his staff are very knowledgeable with great customer service. He always answers his phone and keeps you informed.With Justin H. You are in good hands. Thank you for all the great work you do and God bless you!

    Leo H.
  • Highly recommended..

    Debbie V.
  • The whole team is very professional, caring and transparent. I will reccomend this law group to family and close friends.

    Adrian R.
  • Honestamente, pensé que sería muy complicado, fui nerviosa y confundida, pero ellos fueron muy amables conmigo. Me asesoraron muy bien y todo fue muy rápido. Muchas gracias.

    Mariposita B.
  • Justin was great during this stressful process. He managed my bankruptcy process very professionally and made me feel at ease. He was able to answer all my questions and concerns. Thank you Justin for all your help.

    Isaura G.

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About Westgate Law

Westgate law has handled more than 6,000 bankruptcy filings in California and has consulted with more than 20,000 individuals about their debt. Larger firms will take your bankruptcy case (and your money) and then hand it off to a junior associate. Is that really the person you want working to secure your financial future?

We will personally guide you through the complicated bankruptcy process from start to finish. We’ll also help you stay on track after your case is finished. We’re not going to take your money, file your case and then disappear. We know that debt and bankruptcy can be difficult to deal with and we genuinely have an interest helping ease your burden.

Westgate Law will protect you from creditor harassment until your case is filed. We’ll represent you at your hearing and then handle any post-filing issues. Once your case is discharged, we’ll give you a program to get your credit back so you can buy a car or finance a home or education. No other Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney goes to the lengths that Westgate Law goes to assure your financial future.

If you’re facing financial distress, call us today. You’ll speak directly with one of our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys — not a receptionist or a junior staff member. We are available seven days a week for FREE consultations. Appointments are available on evenings or weekends.

Keep your home, vehicle and retirement accounts. Stop foreclosure, wage garnishments and creditor harassment. Get your financial life back on track.

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