Bankruptcy Means Test: Can I Deduct My Boat Payment?

A big part of determining eligibility for bankruptcy protection is the means test. So when a bankruptcy petitioner has questions about the means test, we take them seriously. Not only is it vital that all the information is accurate, but it also has to be extremely thorough. When it comes to bankruptcy, a lie of […]

Planning Your Bankruptcy…and Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, hopefully debt and bankruptcy and financial trouble don’t need to be a part of the discussion. In a perfect world, the conversation would revolve around the flowers, the dress, the venue, the guest list, and…the wedded bliss soon to come! But sometimes, affianced couples DO have to worry about some of […]

Know Your Lenders: Interviews and Lender Calls

Earlier when we discussed secured v. unsecured credit cards and their part in securing good credit after bankruptcy, we mentioned that its always best to find out if you have a chance of getting approved prior to actually applying in order to avoid unnecessary “inquiries” reflecting on your credit report. You may still be wondering […]

Avoid the Potholes on Your Road to Recovery

You’re on the road to recovery. You’ve declared bankruptcy. You’ve received your discharge of debt. You’re starting with a clean slate. You’re considering your options for new credit accounts post-bankruptcy. You’ve picked a few, and you’ve been approved and have your account information. What should you do now? Believe it or not, you’ve already done […]

Securing Good Credit After Bankruptcy: What Not To Do

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the “to do’s” associated with getting good credit after bankruptcy, we need to run through a few of the “don’ts.” What NOT To Do After Bankruptcy: Carry a Balance: Hopefully, this time around, you can avoid carrying a balance on your credit cards and other lines of credit. […]

Securing Good Credit After Bankruptcy: Secured v. Unsecured

Don’t be overwhelmed by the process. Focus on the good news: you can have good credit after bankruptcy. In fact, you will have excellent credit. Before the bankruptcy mark even falls off your credit report, you should have a 750 credit score. Simply read the dos and don’ts of securing good credit after bankruptcy and […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step Six

The last thing you have to do when it’s time to restore your credit after bankruptcy is to consider any information that has been reported post-bankruptcy. Do you have any new accounts that have been opened/active since you received your discharge of debt? Make sure that any new accounts and/or new collection accounts that appear […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step Five

After cleaning up you basic information, checking the reporting status of your various accounts, and checking out the inquiries listed on your credit, you’re ready to move on to Step Five. Step Five: Getting to Know the Rules of Time and Credit Reporting At this point it’s time to get a little bit intense and […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step Four

You’ve verified and updated your personal information, residence history and employment history. You’ve gone through the accounts reporting to your credit report to verify they are accurately listed as discharged with a zero balance. You’ve requested any erroneous accounts reporting to your credit be removed. Now it’s time to talk about Step Four. Step Four: […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step Three

Now that you’ve removed erroneous information, made sure any “holes” were filled with the accurate information and done an overall Spring Cleaning on your credit report, you’re ready for Step Three. Step Three: Verify That Accounts Are Reporting Accurately Remember the reason you filed for bankruptcy? It was for the bankruptcy protection offered to consumers […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step Two

After you’ve pulled your credit report, adjusted your mindset to your new, lower credit score, and made your credit score goal of 720, you’re ready for the next step. Step Two: Update Your Information with the Credit Bureaus Start at the beginning and make sure that all the information reflected on your credit report is […]

Taking On Your Credit Report: Step One

The first thing you have to do when it’s time to restore your credit after bankruptcy is to access your credit. Pull your report and get a good understanding of where you are and where you want to go. What do I mean by that? Step One: Pull Your Credit Report (Caution: This will include […]

The Impact of the Quitclaim Deed

The quitclaim deed holds the statement that the person named (and whose signature the property bears) has quit ownership of the property listed and conveys it to the person who holds the quitclaim deed (grantee). The quitclaim offers no guarantee. In fact, someone with no ownership whatsoever is able to file a quitclaim on a […]

Car Title Loans and Bankruptcy

One of the most frequently asked questions of prospective filers is what happens to car title loans associated with their vehicles and if they can keep the cars when the bankruptcy is completed. Most filers are already aware that they can save their home, but they are unsure about the status of their vehicle ownership […]

Can Debt Collectors Demand Payment from Third Parties?

We know from a previous article that debt collectors are governed by strict guidelines; some of which restrict their contact with third parties in regards to your debt. Yet it is obvious that the reality of the matter has collectors breaking a lot of the rules a lot of the time. In fact, in many […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Legality of Debt Collection from 3rd Parties

When it comes to debt collection, it all feels wrong. It feels mean and unjust and underhanded even when the collector is attempting to collect on a valid debt. This feeling of being “wronged” by the people and/or companies that are trying to get money out of you to pay towards unpaid debts probably starts […]

Can a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payment be Deferred?

When you declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court determines a set pay schedule for a pre-determined amount of time. In cases where unforeseen events cause major dips and dives in the income of bankruptcy filers post-bankruptcy, they can come up against a major problem: the inability to make the Chapter 13 payment. In this […]

Determining Whether You Owe on a 2nd Mortgage Post-Bankruptcy

Was your home equity loan reaffirmed during your bankruptcy? Have you been making payments towards the debt religiously ever since your discharge without being sure if they are being applied or not? Do you actually owe the debt or was it included in your bankruptcy discharge? These are huge questions that sometimes get asked WAY […]

Bankruptcy Basics: Social Security as Only Income

Bankruptcy is no longer dismissed by the masses as too extreme a solution to financial crisis. The masses are actually quite comfortable in modern society seeking out the protection that bankruptcy provides. Most are aware of the basic bankruptcy process and what it offers those in need of a clean financial slate. Yet there are […]

You Co-Signed and They Defaulted, What’s the Next Step?

If anyone ever calls you and asks you to cosign a loan for them, regardless of who they are, your answer should be no. Don’t do it – unless you like the idea of financial trouble and pending bankruptcy proceedings. If you’re going to ignore this sage wisdom and become the cosigner on a loan […]